Established in 1990, Cooper Technology is a British company and one of the world leaders in the
design and manufacture of high performance testing equipment for asphaltic and unbound materials used in highway construction.

The Nottingham Asphalt Tester (NAT), designed in the 1980’s by our Chairman Keith Cooper whilst
at the University of Notthingham, was the first of its type. Since then our product range has increased steadily and now includes Gyratory Compactors and Roller Compactors to prepare and compact specimens in addition to Servo Hydraulic and Servo Pneumatic Universal Testers, Triaxial Testers, Fatigue Systems and Wheel Trackers to perform standards.


Our heritage is one of close links with the pavement engineering department of Nottingham University.This deparment, now known as NTEC, has global recognition and is seen as being at the forefront of pavement research. Our longstanding relationship with Nottingham today is as strong as ever. The current KTP (Knowledge Tranfer Partnership) establishes our position at the cutting edge of unbound materials technology.

Standards Committee
Our expertise often plays a critical part in the development of new, and existing test standards.
We are at the forefront of standard development, working closely with key decision makers worldwideand harnessing links with new related industries ensuring that practical solutions to everyday problems are achieved.


When choosing Cooper Technology as your business partner, you are also selecting our international reputation for competence, integrity and innovation.Each item of equipment is subject to rigorous quality tests at every stage of its design and manufacture to ensure that we provide our customers with an outstanding product.

Quality is fundamental to our activity; it not only relates to the final product but extends also to the
systems we employ. Our systems are internationally recognised via ISO 9001:2008.Our certified partner in helping us achieve this recognition is BSI (British Standards Institute). For over 100 years, BSI has led the way in developing the concept of standards and ensuring that they are relevant to your business. No other certification body can offer the expertise, knowledge and recognition that is associated with a BSI certificate.