SMARTCOAT is a “Continuous self-disinfecting” coating technology that can be applied anywhere to provide 365 days of continual protection and is among the world’s leading and most advanced nano technological disinfection coating.


It is proudly made in Malaysia and has been applied locally and exported throughout the world for its “continuous self-disinfection” coating technology lasting up to 1 year. We have a strong presence in South East Asia and Europe. SMARTCOAT is proven effective against a vast range of viruses and bacteria alike. It has been proven to disinfect SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus.


One-time application will provide up to 365 days of “continuous self-disinfection” protection. It is ideal for small or large areas application. “High traffic areas” with lots of people interaction and “high touch points” such as door handles are highly recommended for treatment application. All treated surfaces of SMARTCOAT will “continuously self-disinfect” in presence of light whether artificial or natural sunlight.

SMARTCOAT is approved and certified safe and effective by private and government bodies around the world.


Use SMARTCOAT for a complete, safe and proven “continuous self-disinfection” 365 days protected environment!

SMARTCOAT Is Always Protecting You

SMARTCOAT “Continuous” Multifunctioning Effect:

1. Self-disinfection

2. Self-deodorizing

3. VOCs elimination

4. Anti mold/fungus

5. Self-cleaning

6. Air purifying

SMARTCOAT is applied utilizing electrostatic spraying technology. Upon application, surfaces will be dried within 30 seconds. Almost instant drying.

It is highly recommended to apply SMARTCOAT in “high-traffic areas and high touch point areas” for 365 days of protection.

Benefiting Industries

1. Construction

2. Consumer products and services

3. Energy

4. Financial services

5. Healthcare

6. Industrial products and services

7. Plantation

8. Property

9. Real Estate

10. Technology

11. Telecommunications and media

12. Transportation and logistics

13. Utilities

14. Hospitality

15. Residential

16. Child care

17. Public places such as gym, convention

      centres, army barracks

18. Food and beverage

19. Educational Institution

20. Automotive and Public Transports

21. Private and public vehicles

General rule of the thumb is SMARTCOAT can be applied anywhere for safe 365 days “continuous self-disinfection” environment.

SMARTCOAT Is Proudly Malaysian Made, Exported To The World