HUMBOLDT began operations in 1909 manufacturing asphalt, cement and oil testing apparatus and supplies in a typical 3-flat building just north of Chicago’s Humboldt Park. The company moved to Norridge Illinois where it continued to build upon its product range becoming the premier U.S. provider of construction materials testing equipment.

Proceq GP8000

The Proceq GP8000 portable ground penetrating radar instrument is the beginning of a new era in NDT. The outstanding, patented ultra-wideband technology combined with a compact wireless probe delivers unmatched industry performance. Just connect to your iPad and detect objects and back walls reliably, with amazing clarity and ease of use.

Proceq GP8000 is the world’s first large-scale inspection solution that utilizes Augmented Reality in industrial applications, and is now available on Apple iPad with iOS 12. You can now augment the world around you with 2D and 3D visualizations of GPR data and insights merged seamlessly with your local environment.

Silver Schmidt OS8200

Silver Schmidt OS8200 is as accurate, reliable, and versatile as ever—and now, connected, thanks to its optical measurement technology delivering Q-value measurements, paired with digital productivity features and user-friendly mobile apps.

The Pundit 200 Pulse Echo

The Pundit 200 Pulse Echo extends the ultrasonic application to objects where access is restricted to a single side. Major applications are slab thickness measurements and the location of voids and delaminations.

Rugged touchscreen with intuitive user interface.