HUMBOLDT began operations in 1909 manufacturing asphalt, cement and oil testing apparatus and supplies in a typical 3-flat building just north of Chicago’s Humboldt Park. The company moved to Norridge Illinois where it continued to build upon its product range becoming the premier U.S. provider of construction materials testing equipment.

DIGIC-I Concrete Compression Tester

A stiffer and an improved load frame design with welded steel fabricated solid rectangular plates as side plates to meet the need for reliable and consistent testing.

Mackintosh Probe Test Set

The Mackintosh probe set is primarily useful and ideal for initial site investigation work in remote areas. This particular method is used in conjunction with control bore holes which considerable area can be investigated efficiently and effectively cost-wise.
The equipment is capable of probing to the depth of 13 to 15 metres depending on the ground conditions. The use of specifically designed extension rod couplers reduces bore hole friction to a minimum, permitting easy operation to a considerable depth

Asphalt Centrifuge Extractor

This apparatus is used to determine the quantitative amout of bitumen in bituminous paving mixtures whilst providing safety to the operator.