Cometech specialises in Material Testing Equipments with in-house R&D for design and production. Unlike others which out-source their design and production, Cometech in-house team is better position to assure greater levels of quality control and product development which is in tune with customer’s requirements and demands.

          With over 15 years of experience, Cometech has developed a multitude of software and other innovative features into its equipments which delivers instant solutions and user-friendliness to the end-users.

          Cometech’s instruments offers operations through P.C. connections and extended memory capacity with data analysis functions. The instruments are also design with modifiable properties to allow simple customizations.

          Cometech strive to provide honest and professional consultations on instrument applications to aid its customers purchasing decisions. It’s network of agents and representatives also ensures after sales services to its customers worldwide. Please contact our agents to further discuss your requirements.

Calibration to MS ISO/IEC 17025 SAMM accredited laboratory for Universal Testing Machine available.