Sokkia Co. Ltd. Japan was founded in 1920 as Sokkisha. Since then, we have consistently focused our efforts on creating accurate, reliable and high-quality measurement instruments. We are proud of our contribution to the surveying, construction and industrial measurement industries in terms of technological development and application of our experience. We firmly believe that the strength of our company is the result of high quality products, reliable people and excellent operations.

Our Vision
In a world where technology reaches many aspects of our daily lives, we want to use our experience to be a reliable partner in the areas of surveying, construction and industrial applications. Our aim is to provide positioning solutions in their characteristic application environment and accuracy.

Our Brand Promise
Our brand promise is ‘precision and reliability’. It shows our commitment to deliver products and solutions that are highly accurate, reliable, and developed to meet the needs of customers in our business areas: surveying, construction and industrial measurement.